Craig and Associates is a fully integrated site development, engineering and construction firm providing turnkey services for some of the largest wireless service providers in the industry.  The company’s core business consists of fully integrated network solutions specializing in site development and acquisition, architectural and engineering design, construction services, equipment installation, commissioning and integration, operations and maintenance, and project management.  The depth of knowledge and years of experience of our management team and crews, as well as our commitment to work with our customers allow us to complete projects on time and within budget.  We take pride in fulfilling all of your requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner.   


Site Development Services include a range of activities from identifying and acquiring the real estate for a site to performing the necessary due diligence to construct the tower. Due diligence for a cell tower is a complex process involving the design and layout of the tower, conformance to all FCC regulatory mandates, and obeying local compliance policies.  These pre-construction efforts initiate the development of a wireless site or tower.  Our site development services include but are not limited to the following:  

Site Acquisition/Identification 
Right of way and Easements 
Lease and amendments 
Zoning and Permitting  
Regulatory Filings and Compliance 
Title Remediation 
Close-out Packages 
Environmental Reviews 
Project Management


Construction service can be a lengthy process that spans from the first movement of soil to placing antennas on the completed tower and everything in-between. Construction projects can be separated into two stages: civil construction and tower construction. The civil construction process begins as soon as the soil is moved and includes all ground and underground work that needs to be completed in order for tower construction to take place. Tasks include, but are not limited to, clearing the land, drilling, grading, and laying an access road. Tower construction includes tower construction, line-work, antenna placement, and testing.  We also provide construction service for site modifications and decommissioning.  Our construction services include but are not limited to the following: 
General Contracting Services 
Construction Project Management 
Antenna and Line Installations  
State Licensed General/Tower, Electrical & Plumbing Gas Contractors 
Generator Installation and Upgrades 
Structural Tower Modifications/Upgrades 
Site and Tower Maintenance 
Power Upgrades 
Site Decommissioning 
PIM/SWEEP Certified  
Steel Fabrication 
Disaster Recovery 
Equipment Installation 
Commissioning And Integration 
Operations And Maintenance 

Architectural and Engineering Services are required for all projects and here at Craig and Associates, we offer all forms of A&E services from initial project design, civil engineering, surveying and certifications. Our professionals offer a wide variety of architectural and engineering services, contributing to the success of all of our projects, including but not limited to the following: 

Construction Drawings 
Zoning Drawings 
Foundation Design 
Structural Analysis 
Tower Modification Design 
Tower Mapping 
Foundation Inspections (NDT’s) 
Site Surveys 
FAA Letters (1A & 2C) 
Construction Staking 
Pull Tests 
TIA Inspections 
3rd Party Inspections 
Site Audits 
Construction Layout 
Special Inspections 
Roadway Design 
Storm Sewer Design 
Sanitary Sewer Design 
Retaining Wall Design 
Erosion Control & Drainage Design 
Boundary Surveys 
Topographic Surveys 
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys 
Easement Plats 
Elevation Certificates 
Construction Staking